Don’t stop, just slow down

At the time of this writing it is 7:42pm, July 5th, 2020.

I spent the holiday weekend with family.
On Saturday, we hosted the in-laws. So, my morning consisted of mowing the lawn, trimming, cleaning up the yard, running errands, etc.
I fit in a quick 20 min complex around 8am. Mowing the lawn counted as conditioning for the day.

That afternoon through the evening was spent outside with the kids and family. We grilled, played in the pool, and I had too many brats. It was was a rather nice time. The next day was about the same, except my parents hosted in their yard. Too much food, and a ton of sunlight. No alcohol for me.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, despite getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and not even drinking any booze, I woke up Monday morning completely exhausted.
From the moment my alarm went off, I was ready to give up.
Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

Here’s what I did do though.
I dragged my ass out of bed, got some caffeine in my system, and went outside to the gym (my garage). I got warmed up and gave it a fair chance. But to be honest, those first few reps felt off.
Instead of letting my ego get the best of me, I made an honest assessment and called an audible.

My original workout consisted of heavy weighted dips, high-volume clean and presses, TGUs, and pushups.

My “audibled workout” was low-volume, medium weighted dips (if I’m honest even those felt wrong), lighweight overhead presses, and some jump rope with pushups. for about 25 min.
In terms of diet, I eased my intermittent fasting restrictions.
Instead of fasting until noon, I got some. Gatorade on my way to work and put some coconut oil in my coffee.
For lunch, I had my usual protein, peanut butter, and oatmeal.

What I didn’t do was completely skip my workout, eat crap all day, and completely fall off the horse. The only thing that would result in is feeling like garage for another day.

The point is this: Your actual life needs to be taken into account while you’re training. You might go to sleep one night totally amped and excited about your upcoming workout but then wake up and feel like complete garbage. In order to combat this and still make progress ease up. on the gas pedal ever so slightly. Don’t slam on the brakes and pull off the road.

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