Building Shelves

I started building some stuff in my garage.

Now, I am NOT handy whatsoever. I’m not mechanically minded, I’m terrible with tools, and every time I try to fix something it ends up more broken than before. Brokener.

Anyway, I needed some more storage space in my garage.
It’s an old detached garage, and the previous owner didn’t really take care of it (or anything, for that matter). So, it gets pretty wet in there when it rains, chipmunks make nests, and the old shelves were extremely rickety.

Finally, after years of dealing with a cluttered, messy space, I decided to do the unthinkable. I cleaned everything out and built new shelves.

Super-fancy and nearly perfect shelves:


As you can see, these are some SUPER BASIC SHELVES. But, they made a huge difference in my garage, overall.

All I did was regular old straight cuts, some 45s, and then used wood screws to put it all together.
Mastery of a few basic skills can make a massive difference. The same rule applies to your fitness.

If you want to make an insane amount of progress, just master the most basic movements and repeat them daily.

Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Loaded Carry.

Overhead Press, Row, Goblet Squat, Swing, Farmer’s Walk

Practice these every single day and you’ll have a fantastic foundation for your fitness goals. In fact, more than likely you’ll be able to meet and even exceed your fitness goals if you stick to these basic movement and simply increase the intensity over time.

Now, go build something!

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