[Coming Soon!] The Ultimate Fitness Plan for the Busy Dad

Exciting news here at Midwest Muscle!

I’ve been hard at work putting something REALLY BIG together.

Yuge, you might even say.

When first getting into fitness, it’s important to define your goals.
Some people may want to put on a ridiculous amount of muscle and cut to almost no body fat.
Some people may want to lift as much weight as humanely possible.
Others may be training to supplement a different sport.

Many of us don’t fit into any of those categories.
If you’re anything like me, you want to be healthier family. You want to keep up with kids, stop your doctor’s scolding, and yeah, look a lil better for the wife.

That is exactly why I am putting together this new program.

This brand new workout program is the ultimate fitness plan for the busy dad.

30 days of workouts designed in such a way that muscle building, fat loss, endurance, and mobility are achieved.
Just follow the program every day, clean up your diet a bit, and watch your body transform.
I highly suggest taking before and after pics for this.

Each workout is just 20 minutes. Your family life is prioritized. Spending hours in the gym is unnecessary and (in my opinion) unfair to your family. You need to be training to live a better life, not living your life to train.

You only need 1 kettlebell. Gym memberships are overpriced and take even more time out of your day but a full home-gym is easily over $1,000. With bills to pay and unexpected home repairs neither of those options are ideal.
All you need for this program is a single kettlebell.

Oh, and don’t forget access to the Midwest Muscle video library.
With purchase you’ll be given access to videos explaining each movement included in the program. No more guessing about form.

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