Ten Simple Things.

When the alarm goes off on Monday morning it is damn hard to get out of bed.I’ll be honest, the first 15 minutes of my week are spent bleary-eyed, aimlessly walking around in my dark house.Eventually, I make it outside to work out. From there I sneak back in the house and use juuuust enough […]

Year-Round Training: Planning for the Seasons

At the time of this writing it is July 29, 2020.The summer is coming to a close and soon the rush of back-to-school, sports, and holidays will consume nearly everybody’s lives.Shorter days and colder weather will come to pass. Now it is time to batten down the hatches; prepare for the onslaught of attacks against […]

Let’s talk about Rest

According to the┬áCenters for Disease Control and Prevention,┬ámore than 35 percent of people are sleep deprived, which means that 1 in 3 people aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. This is definitely one of my struggles. I have a feeling most of you can relate too. Life gets hectic really quickly and the […]

The Power of 1%

From 1908 to 2004 total number of gold medals the British cycling team had won was 1.The Tour de France? No wins in 110 years. In fact, the team was so bad that some of the top bike manufacturers refused to sell to them because they thought it would be bad for business. Enter Coach […]

The “Essential Essentials” of the Basic Home Gym

When arguing the “ditch the commercial gym” angle, oftentimes the counterpoint of “a full home gym is really expensive and I don’t have the money up-front” comes up. It’s a fair point. I totally get it. I would implore you to rethink the definition of “essential”. Invest slowly. You can make a ton of progress […]

[Coming Soon!] The Ultimate Fitness Plan for the Busy Dad

Exciting news here at Midwest Muscle! I’ve been hard at work putting something REALLY BIG together. Yuge, you might even say. When first getting into fitness, it’s important to define your goals.Some people may want to put on a ridiculous amount of muscle and cut to almost no body fat.Some people may want to lift […]

Building Shelves

I started building some stuff in my garage. Now, I am NOT handy whatsoever. I’m not mechanically minded, I’m terrible with tools, and every time I try to fix something it ends up more broken than before. Brokener. Anyway, I needed some more storage space in my garage. It’s an old detached garage, and the […]


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